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Gift Ideas for Sneaker Lovers

Looking to get a gift for that special sneakerhead in your life? Look no further than this list!

Holidays around the corner? Birthday coming up for that special someone? Or maybe it's "just because"? Whatever the reason, shopping for someone that loves sneakers can be challenging if you're not overly familiar with this infatuation for shoes. That's why we put together a list of our favorite sneaker-related accessories! You can trust that any of these gifts are sure to be a hit with the sneaker enthusiast in your life. We've broken this down into several different categories of price points so that you can find the perfect gift for your budget. Those categories are:

Under $15:

  • Shoe Trees: Designed to help keep the shape of a shoe and prevent creasing when not in wear, these are a great, affordable gift for any sneakerhead. For sneakers, we definitely recommend plastic shoe trees as opposed to wood shoe trees. Not only will plastic shoe trees be cheaper, but they're a better option to help keep the shape of a sneaker without stretching out the materials. We recommend IKEA shoe trees.

  • Sneaker Balls: What's one of the biggest drawbacks of a closet with 10+ pairs of shoes? The odor. That's where sneaker balls come in. These inexpensive plastic balls go inside of your shoes when not in wear and help to deodorize foot odor. It's just that simple. You can find these at many shoe stores and online, but we've had good experience with these simple ones from Amazon.

$15 - $30:

  • Jason Markk Cleaning Kits: If you've ever loved a pair of sneakers, you know how heartbreaking it can be when they start to get dirty. That's why the fine folks over at Jason Markk have put together a few cleaning kits that we love and regularly use. Some of our favorites are the Essential Kit, the Suede Cleaning Kit, and the Travel Kit.

  • Jason Markk Quick Wipes: But what if you're out and about when unexpected disaster strikes your clean kicks? If you don't have time to sit down with a deep-cleaning kit, a great alternative are Quick Wipes. We recommend getting a 30-pack of these and stashing them in a few different places for whenever you might need them - in your car, at your office, at your parents' house. Trust us, these will come in handy.

  • Crep Protect Spray: Crep is another household name when it comes to sneakers and they also offer a similar variety of products. One of their most notable products, however, is their Crep Protect Spray which goes on your shoes before you go out for the day. This spray helps to protect your sneakers by giving them an invisible coating that helps repel liquids.

$30 - $50:

  • Gift Card to a local sneaker store: There's no shame in not knowing what to get someone! In this situation, we recommend getting them a gift card to their favorite local sneaker store. Keyword here: local. Supporting your local sneaker stores helps them to keep the exciting releases coming. In Louisiana, we recommend supporting the good people over at Sneaker Politics or Rukus Skate Shop.

$50 - $100:

  • Shoe Rack: When you start to accumulate 10+ pairs of sneakers, the next thing you need is a place to store them all. If you're proud of your collection and don't want to keep your shoes in boxes stacked in the corner, a good display idea would be a shoe rack, similar to this one from Amazon. While there's a plethora of shelving options online (or you could even build one), we recommend looking for a set of shelves specifically made for shoes.

  • Drop Front Boxes: If you've got a little more to spend and want a way to display your sneakers while also keeping them protected, then drop front boxes are the way to go. These translucent, plastic boxes interlock with each other for stability when stacking and, as the name implies, have drop fronts to them for easy access. While neither of us have a set of drop front boxes, the ones found on Container Store are widely regarded as the standard.

More than $100:

  • Sneaker Duffel Bag: Does the sneakerhead in your life do their fair share of traveling? If so, a sneaker duffel bag is a great gift for their next trip. These bags usually hold 3-4 pairs of sneakers and have modular compartments for ultimate flexibility. While there's many duffel bags on the market, we love the sneaker duffel bags made by Private Label. Tanner's used one for over a year and it's not showing any signs of wear.

  • Sneaker Backpack: Looking to travel with a couple pairs of sneakers, but need something a bit more lean than a duffel bag? Check out the Weekender backpacks from The Shrine Co. These backpacks hold two pairs of sneakers and a few days worth of clothes, living up to their namesake of "Weekender." Another benefit of using a backpack instead of a duffel bag: no "checked bag" or "carry-on" fees when flying. Ryan's used one for a few months now and loves taking it on weekend trips.


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