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Things to do for Sneakerheads in COVID-19 Quarantine

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic imposing a self-quarantine, many of us are spending more time around the house than we ever have before. If you are like us, you are starting to hit the end of your binge-watching list and missing visits to the local spot to pick up the latest Nike release. To help combat our own boredom, we went ahead and put together a list of things to do for all of the sneakerheads that are stuck indoors. Whether you are looking for something to listen to, watch, read, or do yourself - we are sure this list will have something for you.


State of the Shoenion: Maybe we're a little biased here because this is our own podcast, but hear us out - it's really good. If you're reading this blog, chances are you've already listened to our episodes, but even if that's the case, now's a great time to go back and binge any of the episodes you may have missed. If you're new to the show, welcome. You're in for a good time. You can find us wherever you listen to podcasts or scroll to the top of this page and click "Listen" for direct links to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Complex Sneakers Podcast: Known for their many YouTube shows and publishing well written articles and interviews on their website, this podcast is run by hosts from Complex Media's shows "Full Size Run" and "Sneaker Shopping." They frequently have well-known guests in the sneaker community to share their stories from some of the biggest moments in sneaker history.

The Dropcast by Highsnobiety: Another well-known name in the sneaker media industry, Highsnobiety's podcast is highly informative while maintaining a light sense of humor without sacrificing substance. This is one of the more recent podcasts that we've started listening to, so we're still enjoying working our way through their catalog of episodes.

Business of Hype by Jeff Staple x Hypebeast: Last but not least, this podcast is probably the one that started our love of podcasts. Hosted by Jeff Staple (maybe you've heard of him? or at least a little shoe he did affectionately known as "the pigeon dunk"?), this podcast has a high production value with tons of intellectual insight on how different creatives made a name for themselves in their respective industries. Highly recommend, go listen to this one.



Seth Fowler: There are plenty of "Sneaker YouTubers" out there with videos of them unboxing the latest and greatest most exclusive sneakers only to deliver a lackluster review. Seth Fowler isn't one of those people. With sharp cinematography and thoroughly detailed reviews, his channel is a great source for getting a "feel" for shoes you might not have access to.

Brad Hall: I don't care who you are or if you even like sneakers - go subscribe to Brad Hall on YouTube. Known for an incredibly dry sense of humor and mixing business-casual with hypebeast streetwear, his videos always guarantee a laugh and leave you wanting to binge watch the rest of his catalog.

Round Two: Fans of the Sean Wotherspoon x Nike AirMax 97/1 should be familiar with this show which films a day in the life at the different Round Two stores, of which aforementioned Wotherspoon is a part founder. If you are missing the atmosphere of being in a sneaker store, their long list of videos can be a good way to scratch that itch of shop talk.

Complex Sneaker Shopping: It's pretty much what the title sounds like - celebrities, athletes, artists, etc. go to fashion stores and sneaker consignment shops to tell a couple of stories and spend stacks of money on shoes. We recommend starting with some of the earlier seasons when more of the guests had a background or childhood which involved sneakers.

Complex Closets: Another staple of the Complex Network, this series features footage from the homes of celebrity sneakerheads to show off their collections. Offering more substance than Sneaker Shopping, you are also bound to see some samples, friends & family, and unreleased pairs which you have never seen before.

Full Size Run: Finally, one of our favorite shows from Complex Networks, this "talk show" style series is hosted by knowledgeable sneakerheads and focusing on interviewing celebrities and designers more in-depth to hear untold stories. If you have been wondering what Trinidad James has been up to since "All Gold Everything", this is a good way to find out.

The Walk-In: GQ Sports is taking a swing at the daily wear of athletes with this new YouTube content. Giving fans an in depth look at athletes closets. If you want something more than shoes and more into fashion this is a good easy pick up.

Richie Le: A round table of guys give their thoughts on what is hot and what is not. A good review of shoes with a mix of fashion tips. The aspect that got me hooked was the review of fashion styles from the past. The insight as to what the new style will be or what they think will make a come back is excellent content.



“The Ultimate Sneaker Book”: If you are going to spend money on anything on this list, buy this book. This is one of the most comprehensive collections of sneaker history that we have ever seen. Compiled by Sneaker Freaker, this enormous book comes with a shiny gold cover and, if nothing else, is some killer coffee table candy.

“The Dunk Book”: Listen up jack boys, you should buy this book if you want to avoid looking like a fake-fan with a new found love of Nike SB thanks to a certain Mr. Scott. There aren't as many stories or as much history as "The Ultimate Sneaker Book", but there are plenty of good pictures spanning the life of Nike SB.

“Sneakers”: It doesn't get much simpler than this - the book is literally called "Sneakers." This one is full of interviews of people with incredibly diverse backgrounds in sneakers. From designers, to athletes, to store owners, there is a ton to learn from these stories which may have gone untold until now.

“Shoe Dog”: Put on your glasses, nerds, because this one's an actual read. Devoid of any pictures, "Shoe Dog" is the memoir of Phil Knight, the found of Nike. While you might think the lack of images would make this book unable to hold your interest, I promise you that this story is so exciting that you won't be able to put it down.



“Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1”: Air Jordan 1 lovers, rejoice! There is finally a good, comprehensive documentary on one of the most iconic sneakers to ever exist. If you have been wondering about the story about how this shoe infamously became "banned" by the NBA, check this one out.

“Sneakerheadz”: Maybe you are new to the sneaker game or you are just dating someone that is really into sneakers. If you are looking to learn more about the sneaker "culture" and what makes sneakerheads itch for more pairs, this documentary is a good choice for you.

"Sole Origins": This series takes an in-depth look at some the cities which have been most influential in the sneaker/streetwear culture and interviews the taste-makers behind those movements.

"Fifteen Years of SB Dunk": So you just got back from Astroworld and you want to know the history behind this whole "Nike SB" thing you've heard so much buzz about. Look no further: this mini-doc will give you everything you need to know about the origin of Nike SB and the following years.



We don't think we need to explain Reddit to any of you, so we're just going to leave this list of our favorite sneaker subreddits. While /r/sneakers is certainly the largest group, it can often just be a flood of the latest and greatest hype shoes that you stood no chance of getting. If you're looking for a slower paced environment that focuses on quality over exclusivity, check out /r/dunksnotdead. Lastly, Yeezus lives (and maybe lurks?) in /r/yeezys, a subreddit dedicated to Kanye West's line of sneakers with Adidas.


Around the house

Finally, if you've exhausted all of your options or you're just looking for something "hands-on" to do, now's a great time to take a good look at your accumulating sneaker collection and make some changes for the better. Here's a couple things that we've found help pass the time stuck inside:

  • Clean your shoes

  • Try some new laces

  • Declutter/sell any shoes you’re not wearing anymore


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