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New Year's Resolutions for Sneakers

Let’s discuss resolutions, but actually important resolutions. Enough with the typical go to the gym more or give up a habit. Let’s be real… it won’t last. What will last is making resolutions for what is truly important, sneakers.

What makes a good New Year’s sneaker resolution? Here are our top sneaker resolutions to keep in mind for the new year.

Get more sneakers or get rid of more sneakers

While every sneaker head loves that feeling of a day one drop pick up or finally getting that sought-after grail, sometimes it can get overwhelming. Do you want to pick up fewer of those “middle of the mall” shoes and save the buys for the raffle and “first come first serve” pieces?

Do you look at your collection and think, “I just don’t have enough shoes.”, well, of course you do! This year could be the year you take your collection number to a serious level.

For those of us who have plenty of shoes, a good mindset you could follow is “Get a pair, sell a pair.” Make this is the year your collection gets stronger.


Even rotation

A common issue most sneaker heads get is the tower of shoe boxes. It gets too easy to always grab those serious flex offenders in your collection. Not every day needs to be a head turner. Reach for those classic Ultra Boost instead of the Yeezys or rock some Vans before the Jordan 1s.

A fun challenge is the “30 Day Shoe Challenge”. This challenges you to wear a different pair of shoes for thirty days. If your collection is in the growing stage just simply wear a different pair of shoes every day. This is to guarantee an even rotation of kicks.


Grail Status

We all have that one shoe that is missing from our shelves and is the screen saver on our phones, the grail. 2020 could be the year you pick up that high price tag shoe, because dammit you’re worth it. The great thing about a “grail” is it can be any shoe at any price. So treat yourself in 2020 and buy that grail you keep putting off.


Brand Branch Out

We all know Nike and Adidas have a solid state in the market and make up most of everyone’s collection. Maybe in 2020 you show some love to other brands such as Asics, New Balance, or Saucony. You could also add more variety of the brand you love. Make room Jordan 1s here comes more Air Max!


To Treat, or To Beat

Is 2020 the year of cleaning your shoes after every wear? Or is it the year wear you show no fear to the light drizzle forecast and give your shoes some serious beaters shine?


As always make sure to tune into the State of the Shoenion podcast for more details and to hear our opinions on the shoes listed here and check in with the State of the Shoenion on Instagram @stateoftheshoenion for up-to-date posts.





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