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  • Tanner Young

January 2020 Sneaker Releases

In this episode we cover the upcoming releases for the month of January 2020 that sparked our interest. The new year is starting off with a variety of Nikes and a solid release from the Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé.

The fans of Nike Skateboarding will be happy to know that this month will see two Nike SB Dunk Lows. The Nike SB Dunk Low “Infrared” and the Nike SB Dunk Low “Safari” are the two big hitters from the SB factory.

The “Infrared” will be a must cop for anyone looking to add a quiet white/grey piece to their collection but still want a subtle flex. The use of the infrared on this Dunk Low is subtle enough to place it with most outfits. If you missed out on the Air Max “Infrared” this could be your next best thing.

The “Safari” Dunk Low is a hitter for our more wildlife sneaker enthusiast. This shoe fits the mold for the “loud” or “out of comfort” shoe everyone needs in their collection. This Dunk Low mirrors the Air Max “Animal Pack” collection perfectly. So, if you missed on the Air Max collection or just love the look of chunky wildlife, this is the Dunk for you.

Did you miss out on the hundreds of Jordan 1s from the past year? Well, you’re in luck! The Air Jordan 1 is coming in with a twist on its famous black and red colorway but with the sought-after material, satin. This Satin Jordan 1 is breaking ground beginning 2020 by having a satin shoe make a men’s size run. The two-tone black with the hint of red makes this shoe an easy rotation go getter.

Following with the all black aesthetic, Jordan brand is bringing back the cat, the black cat. The Jordan 4 Black Cat will be coming back out from the darkness to make moves in 2020. Similar to its previous release we can expect premium materials and a solid shoe to add to that early 2000s all black, “This isn’t a phase, mom!”, look we all miss and adore.

It has finally been four years and the world will set its eyes on the Olympics once again. Nike is capitalizing on the international focus by releasing the Air Max 90 “Tokyo Olympics”. While this shoe shows love to Tokyo by using the colors of the nation’s flag, I can’t help but see the Air Max “Infrared” in this shoe. While the gold check gives this shoe a huge pop and the etchings give beautiful detail, I can only focus on the glitzy 2020 on the tongue.

Yoncé! Yoncé! The hive is buzzing with the announcement of Beyoncé’s “Ivy Park” Adidas release. Beyoncé is taking the infamous “Samba” silhouette and running with it. The creative use of laces to hold laces has me doing backflips. I can’t help but hear Xzibit say, “Yo dawg, I heard you like laces, so we put laces to hold your laces.”. The simplicity of the shoe will pair amazingly with a wild outfit. Show up everyone still rocking “Stan Smiths” with the new low-key flex.

As always make sure to tune into the State of the Shoenion podcast for more details and to hear our opinions on the shoes listed here and check in with the State of the Shoenion on Instagram @stateoftheshoenion for up-to-date posts.


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