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  • Tanner Young

DIY Sneaker Customs

In this episode, we talk about simple and quick ways to make your shoes unique. We will work from quick changes to surgeon like work.



The laces get overlooked when talking about the design of a shoe but can make a new look when done right.

Changing the color of the laces can add a new twist to the shoe. Most shoes give you multiple colors right out the box but don't be afraid to pull extras from other shoes you have or going buy new ones. Coffee dying is a State of the Shoenion staple and it fits perfectly for this topic. Everyone has more white laces than they know what to do with and giving those simple laces a coffee pool to swim in can make a big difference. This is a style that really brings that unique twist people want to stand out in the crowd.

There are a few lace types that come to mind when thinking of changing up a style. There is the classic oval rope type that is the most common but there is also the flat rope type lace. This can give a cleaner look with having the laces lay flatter on your foot. This does take a little more precision when lacing up your shoes in order to make sure you get that clean look, but it will totally be worth it. Then there is the classic "piping" type that is a classic with the SB's. These are very common and can really change the dynamic of shoes that do not see this style at all.



This way of customizing shoes allows those who are confident and creative to put their spin on a shoe and also has some room on the dance floor for those who are less creative.

You can simply paint certain areas of a shoe a solid color or strip away the color and change the shoe entirely. This also allows for custom designs to be painted on shoe.

When looking up paints it is important to pay attention to how the paint will finish. This is key to look for when thinking of how you want the finished product to look.


Get the knife

This is a custom that has recently become popular from the recent Off-White x Jordan 5 and Waffle Racer. This one is for the bold. This way to customize is certainly the most dramatic and can easily get you in trouble. However, with the Nike x Stranger Things collab that not only recommends using a knife but also using fire! If you are feeling bold, then this is the way to go.



This is a easy way to take that shine out of a new leather or give that leather look a softer suede look and feel. Taking the harshness out of shoe can really change the look to an outfit. The big example we found was when someone took some sandpaper to the Jordan 1 Court Purple 2.0.


Finger Nail Polish Remover and Rubbing Alcohol

This is the best way to get that first layer of paint away and still keeping the bottom layer looking fresh. The LA to Chicago and NY to Paris are the most recent pairs that come to mind. People stripped away the entire shoe to reveal the bottom layer and some used cut outs to make unique designs. Keep in mind to not use too much and keep a steady hand


The thing to keep in mind when doing any custom work on your kicks is to do your research. Almost all of these easy custom ideas have videos on what materials you will need and specific advice on how to get the desired look you want and not make any mistakes.


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